Tourism three times better

Tourism three times better

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Marketing concept for tourism product of Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia Tripoint

In developing this concept of marketing the authors tried to take into account changes that have occurred in recent years on supply and demand market for tourist services. Considerable attention was paid to both the same concept and structure of tourist product as such and also to its proper showing on the market, in particular, promotion, media relations, PR and ePR - with particular emphasis on the Internet as a basic channel for learning about places, things, ideas and pieces of  advice concerning holiday. We are aware that this concept is only the beginning of a long journey, that will lead to the creation of brand name products for cross-border tourist Tripoint Region.

This document was created with the utmost care based on numerous sources and available data whose reliability and accuracy has been verified. During the work on the document different methods have been applied: analysis, consultation, comparative studies, consultation with experts from the Region as well as consultations with experts from fields covered in analysis, synthesizing and interpretative activities of available documents concerning development of regional tourism, public consultations in the region including meetings with businessmen operating in the market of tourist services, people responsible for promotion of tourism, residents and tourists visiting the Region. The authors tried to elaborate the study to be consistent with the main theses and assumptions of higher-order documents, in particular:

  • Marketing strategyofPolandin thetourism sector for the years 2008-2015
  • Nová stratégia rozvoja cestovného ruchu Slovenskej republiky do roku 2013
  • Strategie rozvoje cestovního ruchu v České republice a význam cestovního ruchu pro rozvoj kraje, 2009
  • Programm of transborder, transnational and interregional cooperation 2007-2013
  • Development strategy of tourism in the Silesia province for the years 2004-2013
  • Strategický plán Sdružení obcí Jablunkovska, 2007 – 2013
  • Strategie rozvoje turismu v obci Bukovec se zaměřením na přeshraničníspolupráci s obcí Istebna, 2007
  • Integrated Development Strategy of Istebna Municipality 2005-2015
  • Tourism Development Program I the area of Beskidzka 5


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Website prepared by the project Via Regia Plus - Sustainable Mobility and Regional Cooperation, along the Pan - European Transport Corridor III - based on "Marketing concept for tourism product of Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia Tripoint". The project is implemented through the Central Europe Programme co - financed by the ERDF.

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