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About the region

Tripoint of boundaries is a point at the intersection of the borders of three equal units. Frequently refers to the border states. In Poland we have six such points.

If you are targeting the desire to reach out to the end - to the Tripoint  - one of six in Poland, we invite you to Hrčavy, Istebna and Čierny - places where the borders of three countries: Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia merge. Point of intersection of three boundaries is in the 8 m deep at 34 m wide ravine, which is the center of the circle described on the vertices of an isosceles triangle.

Tripoint tourist region is created from smaller regions:

Istebna Municipality located on Polish territory consists of three villages: Istebna, Jaworzynka and Koniaków. The most important and highest elevation of the municipality is located in the deforested Ochodzita Koniakow (895 m). It is here where we encounter still vivid folklore, presented by numerous regional folk groups and bands. Highlanders up to this day wear costumes, and the regional cuisine tastes like 100 years ago. Beautiful views, a large number of tourist and biking trials and ski runs, nature and friendliness of the people form the basis for your holiday in this corner. Numerous museums, galleries and antique wooden churches are a large dose of information about the history and culture of this region.

Microregion Kysucký Triangle - a charming region in north-western Slovakia, consisting of three places: Svrčinovec, Čierne and Skalité. The mountain ranges surrounding the river and demarcate the land. From the east in the Kisuckie Beskydy the highest peak - the symbol of Kysuce - Velka Raca is situated, lying at an altitude of 1,236 m. Part of the land area covers the southern Kysucké Foothills, with the most famous peak Ľadonhora (999 m). The oldest known settlement in Kisuce is Kysucké Nové Mesto, lying on an important trade route leading through the valley of the river Kysuca. Nature, though not easy living here was always beautiful. The rounded peaks of hills tempt to stroll at any time of year.

Microregion Jablunkovsko lies in the Czech Republic and it comprises 14 villages. In the Cieszyn Beskid you can go to the wilderness Mionší, which is seeking registration heritage sites, cover great Knights Trail to the top of Czantoria with the observatory standing on it or go to the dydactic trail with the easternmost foprward point in Bukovec. On a bike, we can circulate on the bike lanes ridges of Cieszyn Beskid, with a number of resorts where you can try one of the local culinary specialties. You should also use the sports complex in Jablunkov, Mosty k / Jablunkova or Bukowiec. In winter, kilometers of cross-country ski and downhills trials are waiting for us.

How to get to the Tripoint:

- from the center of the Czech Hrcavy - yellow trail - 2 km

- from Polish Jaworzynka - Trzycatek - green trail - 1 km

- from the Slovak Cierne - from Cierne rail station - along the blue trail, and then maintained path.

Access along the Polish - Czech for pedestrians, cyclists and visitors with wheelchairs is facilitated by tiled stairs and paths. On the Slovak side you can find a wooden shelter for tourists, and on the Czech side covered resting place with the hearth.

About the Project

Website prepared by the project Via Regia Plus - Sustainable Mobility and Regional Cooperation, along the Pan - European Transport Corridor III - based on "Marketing concept for tourism product of Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia Tripoint". The project is implemented through the Central Europe Programme co - financed by the ERDF.

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